Review: Prophecy by Lea Kirk

Review: Prophecy by Lea Kirk

Prophecy (Prophecy, #1)Prophecy by Lea Kirk
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A Sci-fi Romance that delivers both an engrossing love story and satisfies our lust for alien adventures? Yes, we will take one, thank you. This book is a wonderful blend of all the elements that make the genre so enjoyable. World destroying Alien invaders, with a penchant for slavery and other depraved acts, would take our planet for their own, if not for a small rebel force that refuses to let them wipe us out for good. Add to that an intelligent and honorable Male, who together with his soul mate, a genuine healer, will lead them all to victory. We are jumping in our anti-gravity boots for Prophecy by Lea Kirk. It’s great!

Recommended for Sci-fi, and romance fans who like excellent world building, a well rounded plot, and a solid story, that is both heartwarming and otherworldly.

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